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Matt tells us about living as a student in Portsmouth

Hi, my name's Matt and I'm currently studying at the University of Portsmouth and my subject is a Master's in Health Psychology.

My university campus is based in Portsmouth and I would say it's a sort of mix between an on-campus and a city university. It's technically a city university but it's so small and everything is so close together that it does kind of feel a bit like a campus one. So it's the best of both worlds, really.

If I was to give you a guided tour, I'd take you to the Guild Hall area. There's a lot of student life, lots of students milling about - shops and pubs and things. It's a really good vibe. And my favourite place to be probably the music department, I love making music and it's a really great atmosphere there. As well as the beach. Just being able to walk down to the beach so quickly is just so nice.

Not every location suits everyone and that's absolutely fine. I'd say with Portsmouth, the centre area is very studenty, very vibrant, especially at night. So if you're a bit more of a chilled out person, I would suggest trying to live further away from the centre and away from the clubs, basically.

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