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What Duncan enjoys about Greenwich's location

Hi everyone. My name's Duncan, I study an MSC in Therapeutic Counselling with the University of Greenwich.

My campus is based right in the heart of Greenwich. You'll find us in the middle of the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the River Thames. It's got really great connections to central London and it's just a really, really nice place to be. 

If I were to give you a guided tour of Greenwich I would definitely start at the Royal Observatory just for the view across Greenwich and then we'd walk through the park, and towards the market for something to eat. There's always something great to get there and if it was Saturday, I'd probably suggest that we head towards the George and Dragon for some drag and great music. Yeah, that would be a great evening. 

Greenwich is very much a tourist area, so if you don't like crowds, especially on the weekend, then maybe Greenwich isn't for you. And that would be worth then looking to maybe stay just outside of Greenwich or you can certainly find your peace and quiet there. But yeah, there's a bit of hustle and bustle in Greenwich, which I personally like.


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