Ricardo talks about living in Greenwich



Ricardo tells us about living in Greenwich

Hi, my name is Ricardo, I'm currently studying at the University of Greenwich, a Master's degree in Strategic Marketing.

My university campus is based in Greenwich, South East London, and it's really easy to get there because of the connection of tube stations and the DLR as well. So, if you really want to see something different, I mean, if you really want to spend a different time in your life, go to Greenwich, and see all the varieties you've got there. 

If you go to Greenwich, I really want to show you the Royal Naval College. I want to show you the Greenwich Park. I want to show you the library you've got there, and all the buildings that is really impressive because it's old-fashioned and it remains beautiful and incredible. I think it's really, really beautiful.

I could say the first time I went to Greenwich, I really fell in love with the university because it's massive, it's huge, it's unique, and once I was there, I really wanted to study in those buildings, so, imagine almost one year later, I started study at the University of Greenwich. It's really interesting.


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