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Hi everyone. My name's Duncan I study an MSC in Therapeutic Counselling with the University of Greenwich. 

In my first year at the University of Greenwich, I stayed in the Avery Hill accommodation. I was in a flat with five other people and we all had en-suites, but we shared a big kitchen. 

My favourite things about living in the accommodation was having my new friends really close and the student village where we had a launderette, there was a Starbucks, everything like that really, really close. But probably the best thing about living on campus was being able to roll out of bed 10 minutes before the lecture at 9:00 AM, walk over there and not be late. 

The thing that I missed most when I moved out of the accommodation was probably not having to worry about paying separate bills, when you pay your rent that is for the electricity, the internet everything like that. That was a big change when I then moved into private accommodation the next year.


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