Koshesai talks about living in Norwich



Koshesai tells us about living in Norwich

Hi, my name is Koshesai, I currently study at the University of East Anglia up in Norwich and I'm currently studying International Development with Economics, with a study year abroad.

My university campus is based in the beautiful city of Norwich. Well, not exactly in the city centre of Norwich, but yet UEA comes under Norwich. Yeah, a really nice place to be. A very beautiful, very green place to be. A very peaceful place to be with lots of, kind of, green space. A lot of places to walk. A lot of places find serenity. But also a nice mix with the city, if that's your kind of vibe as well.

If I was to give you a guided tour of Norwich, I would make sure to show you the Plantation Gardens, which is a beautiful garden where they keep, kind of, flowers a place where you can have a picnic, a place where you can just walk around. Beautiful, lovely and green. I'd also show you The House, which is the best Thai restaurant I've ever had in the world. And it's located in Norwich. So yeah, those are my two hotspots for you, if you come for a guided tour with me.

Now, of course, you have to remember that not every location is going to suit every person and therefore you may not like Norwich if you looking for a city that is very, very, very busy. Something like London, something like Birmingham, something like Manchester, right? It's very big. The hustle and bustle is constant. People are always on the go. Norwich isn't really like that. It has its peaceful, its quiet times and then again, it has its really exciting times when there's a lot going on. But yeah, if you're looking for somewhere that's really, really busy, maybe Norwich isn't for you.

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