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Bethany tells us why she chose the University of East Anglia

Hi, my name is Bethany. I am currently studying at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, and I'm a second-year student studying Law with American Law.

Three words I would use to describe my university life has been social, quite loud, and very active.

Of all the universities in the UK, I chose the University of East Anglia because I don't really like living in loud, busy towns, like not directly in the centre anyway. And although Norwich is a town, the university's just outside, so you get that quiet countryside feeling when you are at the university, but you've also got easy access to Norwich itself.

I knew that this was the right university for me when I attended an applicant day, and everything they were saying to me appealed to me. Whereas at other universities, there were certain elements that didn't.

I've joined the Law Society this year, which has been really cool 'cause it puts on competitions, which helps you gain skills that you need when you finish doing a Law degree. And there's also, like, fun events like balls and stuff as well. But I've also joined sports teams like netball and football because I love sports and you always get a lot of opportunities to compete and practise, and just for fun really, and meet people.

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