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Yasmin tells us more about studying at UEA

Hi, my name is Yasmin and I'm currently studying at UEA at the University of East Anglia. I'm doing an Integrated Master's in Biological Sciences.

So the three words that I'd use to describe my university life are busy, fun, and diverse.

So, of all the universities in the UK, I chose UEA because it had the nicest-looking campus and everything's in easy reach. If you want to go into town, that's really easy. Everything you needed is just all in one place. And the course was just, it had the best structure with an equal balance of coursework to exams. And the best place would probably be by the lake, it's a great place to study and just chill out.

I knew that UEA was the one for me because I came on an applicant day, went into a lab session, and just had a really great time with the academics. They all seemed really willing to kind of show you what they know and kind of give you that knowledge and just extend that to you. It felt far more welcoming than any other university applicant day that I've been to. 

So I joined Climbing Club in my second year and that's the club that I've taken part in most during my university life, I was treasurer in my third year, and it gave me a tonne of experience, it looks great on my CV. And it's just really fun being kind of hands-on and being able to run the club, it's a great club to take part in, lots of stuff to do.

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