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Yasmin tells us more about studying MSCi Biological Sciences at UEA

Hi, my name's Yasmin, and I'm currently studying at UEA, the University of East Anglia. I'm doing an Integrated Master's in Biological Sciences.

The three words that I'd use to describe my course are fun, varied, and challenging. 

A typical day in bio would usually involve lectures, seminars, and labs - labs more so in your third or fourth year, if you have a fourth year - but definitely lectures, a lot of lectures, and seminars, problem-based learning, and workshops.

Specialist facilities would be the brand new labs in the new science building. They've got everything that you might need for a project of any sort. 

So I did a module on BioScience seminars and had to attend those different seminars from all different institutions and universities. And it was fun learning some really niche things like the biology behind the History of Religion, or about how the COVID vaccination was made, and just really niche bits like that.

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