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Why did Fiona select the University of Dundee?

Hi, my name's Fiona, and I'm studying at the University of Dundee in Dundee, Scotland and the course that I'm studying is the Accelerated LLB. 

So, the three words that I would use to describe my life at university are busy, of course, I guess, productive and also very focused as well. 

Of all the universities, I chose the University of Dundee because my brother had been there as an undergraduate, so I kind of had some knowledge of the city and of the university itself, what his time was like there, and he very much enjoyed it. Fees did also factor into the decision, of course. I'm an accelerated student, which means that I cover my own fees for the course. So, that was a determinant and factor for me as well.

So, I knew this university was right for me because, well, beforehand I'd been looking at doing Law Conversion down in England, but when I saw the course at Dundee, and the structure of the course and spoke to people about the course, I just knew it was a much better fit. 

So, I joined the Mooting Society. I also joined the Law Review as an editor in my first year. I would highly recommend joining the... Oh, I also joined the Law Society as well. So, I would highly recommend joining societies, especially as a law student. It's a great way to meet other people on your course, and also in different years. It's been a social outlet in difficult times during the pandemic as well, and a good way to meet people, albeit online and virtually when we've not been able to do things in person.

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