Nitya talks about studying at the University of Dundee



Nitya shares why she decided to study at the University of Dundee

Hello everyone, My name is Nitya and I'm a current fifth-year medical student at the University of Dundee. 

I would say that my university life has been fun and an absolute rollercoaster of emotions and unforgettable and I would not change anything about it. Of all Universities, I chose the University of Dundee because when I came for the interviews, I felt that the city was small, but cosy enough so that you could walk from the accommodations to the main campus, to the city centre and to the main teaching hospital and back. And along with that, the University of Dundee has always been ranked in the top five medical schools in the UK and we have clinical skills teaching from day one of medical school and access to the anatomy dissection and I valued all of them a lot. 

I felt that Dundee was right just from the moment I came to the city and I saw how nice and small and cute it was, along with that I felt that the people were absolutely friendly and there was so much support available along with having a great course at the university. 

Yes, I joined multiple societies from year one itself. So, Dundee has about 190 plus societies and clubs available and anyone can start their own society. I joined University of Dundee's Indian society, photography society, as well as self-defence society. And it has taught me so much because, over the course of time, I got to run the Indian society, become the president, run lots of events, meet so many people and engage with such, so many people from different cultures and I loved it.

Nitya Anil


University of Dundee

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