Alison talks about studying at the University of Dundee



Alison tells us about studying at University of Dundee

Hi everybody. My name's Alison, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently studying Urban Planning at the University of Dundee.

Out of all the places I could've gone to, I chose Dundee for three main reasons. I love the city. I think it's great that everything is so walkable and there's so many options for accommodation after your first year. It's also so cheap to live here. My second reason was because of the flexibility within the course. I love that you can pick so many different modules in the first years and really narrow down what your speciality is. And the third reason, of course, is the nightlife. Dundee offers a great night out, especially Freshers Week at the Union.

Dundee was right for me after I attended lots of different open days and Dundee, was the only place I could see myself living. Once I moved here, I knew it was for me right away, because everyone was so nice and welcoming.

Societies are a huge part of student life at Dundee because there's so many to choose from. There's academic, there's sport, there's hobby. There's literally everything under the sun and if there isn't one for you, you can just set one up. I personally am part of the Academic Society for my course, and I'm part of the Dance Society and part of a Plant Society too. I think they were a great way for me to meet lots of people in first year, socialise with people outside of my year group and make lots of new memories. Personally, I recommend that everyone joins at least one society in Freshers week just to make new friends.

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