Alison talks about living in Belmont Flats



Alison tells us about living in Belmont Student Accommodation

Hi everybody, my name's Alison, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently studying Urban Planning at the University of Dundee.

In my first year, I stayed on-campus and I stayed in Belmont Flats. I was in flat 26 Room 1 and I shared with 5 other people - 3 boys and 2 girls - none of which I'd met before I moved to uni. 

So I loved living in Belmont in first year. It was great. I think that the fact I could roll out of bed 15 minutes before a lecture and still get there on time is brilliant. We would live like 30 seconds away from The Union but we couldn't really hear it. And we didn't have to take a jacket on any nights out. It was great. I also think that the en-suite bathrooms were really worth it because it meant that you didn't have to share a bathroom with someone that you'd never met. 

So there's obviously some things I really miss about Halls. I really miss some of the people I lived with because we didn't all decide to stay together in second year although we are all still close friends. And I really miss being so close to everything on-campus and having so many people in my year right around me. Although I do not miss some of the mess and I definitely don't miss sorting the laundry.

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