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Hi, I'm Emma. I go to Edge Hill University, and I study Musical Theatre.

Edge Hill University is based in Ormskirk, which is the town and it's literally a two-minute bus ride from Edge Hill into Ormskirk, or it's a 10, 15 minute walk. It is a very nice historical town. It's pretty, there's so many shops, and cafes, and pubs, and things to get up to in Ormskirk, and it's a very good place to get a weekly shop from. And I really like that it's such a small historical town.

There is definitely not just one place I like to be at Edge Hill University that's my favourite place. It would be the gym, the art centre, and probably the Catalyst. The Catalyst, because it is open 24/7 and it's such a nice place to study, get your work done, or just catch up on things or check things. The arts centre, there's so much to get up to, and the gym, there's so many classes. I love the swimming pool and using the gym. There's just, you can't get enough of it really.

Personally, I like Ormskirk and I like how it's such a small town, and not a city because that's what suits me. I like small areas, and I'm not too keen on Manchester, London. They are quite busy and loud. But then again, if you are a person that likes busy, and loud places I'd recommend somewhere like London or Manchester, but Ormskirk it's such a friendly... it's quite a small town that's why I like it so much and I find it less stressful than a big city.

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