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Emma describes a typical Thursday on the Musical Theatre course

Hi, I'm Emma. I go to Edge Hill University, and I study Musical Theatre.

Exciting, energetic, and interesting is three words I would use to describe my course because I'm learning things literally every single day and I am studying basically what I love.

The typical day of the week would be a Thursday because that's when we have dancing, 9 'til 11, and then we have acting in the afternoon, 2 'til 4. So we know what to expect every Thursday, really. It's just what we learn in those sessions.

So currently, we are learning about musical halls and the minstrelsy era in musical theatre. And we've been told to get this book called, "Musical Theatre: A History, 2nd Edition." And when you're just reading it from time to time, you read something, you think, "Oh, that's interesting. Didn't know that." And I really like that vibe and excitement of my course because you're learning new things every single day and I just, I love it.

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