Rachel talks about living in Palatine Court



Rachel tells us about living in Palatine Court

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I'm currently studying Marketing, Communications and Branding at the Edge Hill University.

In my first year, I lived on campus in Palatine Court. We had seven other girls. My room was really nice. It's really big and had a really lovely en-suite.

The thing I loved the most about where I lived in first year was that it was right in the middle of campus, so I was right next to all of my lecture buildings. And also the kitchen and, like, living room area was absolutely huge, so it was great for parties and the rooms were just really, really nice. I definitely recommend Palatine Court on Edge Hill campus.

The things that I miss the most when moving out of Halls was, first of all, being able to wake up 10 minutes before a lecture and making it on time. Second, having the huge kitchen, so we could all have really good parties and things like that. And third, I miss living with that many people, 'cause it was just really fun having loads of people around.


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